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Energy Price Managing Group (EnergyPMG) offers unique strategies to drive substantial improvements in energy cost, sustainability, and environmental remediation.  Along with price, energy efficiency, and load management savings, EnergyPMG provides valuable sustainability, renewable energy, removal of toxins from water, soil, and sludge, and energy supply resiliency to non-residential facilities operated by private and publicly traded businesses, local governments, healthcare, and other institutions, in North America and western Europe, plus portions of the Pacific Region including Australia, India, and Singapore. EnergyPMG’s ten-year track record shows net savings to individual customers between a few percent to nearly 60%.


Expertise and Experience

EnergyPMG was established in 2009, and today has the most experienced team of professionals in the industry providing custom services focused on generating high returns.  EnergyPMG’s experts each have 20 years’ to 40 years' experience in the energy industry, managing the energy costs of hundreds of companies, including representing General Electric Company and its 26 affiliated global companies for 20 years.  Savings accumulated by the team are in the Billions of Dollars managing more than $3.5 Billion in annual spend across tens of thousands of customer locations.  EnergyPMG’s experts have deep and broad backgrounds and expertise in energy supply, rate design, utility regulations, energy trading, wholesale energy supply, banking, risk management, finance, construction, surety, sustainability, new supply technologies, special contracts, plant expansions, siting new facilities, and manufacturing.


EnergyPMG meets the needs of its customers with unparalleled expertise, and when needed, extraordinary creativity.  EnergyPMG’s services include energy strategy design, sustainability, procurement of energy supply including renewable energy, contract negotiations, assuring reliable and resilient back-up supply with generation or energy storage, capitalizing on demand-side opportunities including Demand Response, optimization of operations to reduce consumption and price, energy efficiency, Combined Heat and Power /cogeneration, wind and solar power, waste to energy, and LED lighting solutions. 


Partnership and Education

EnergyPMG prides itself on its passion to educate its customers every day, making complex markets clear, and savings tangible for their customers.  EnergyPMG wants to make you and your team heroes of your organization.  Engagements are tailored to you and your organization, whether the focus is on supporting your in-house team of experts as your extended resource, or completely managing your energy costs with transparency.  EnergyPMG is known for creatively identifying and capturing savings with an unmatched value proposition that pays for itself many times over.



EnergyPMG’s Commercial and Industrial sized customers include those in the industries of Aviation, Agriculture, Automotive, Banking, Bottling, Building Materials, Chemical Manufacturing, Defense, Food & Beverage, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Jails, General Manufacturing, Multi-unit Housing, Pharmaceutical, Port Operations, Religious Buildings, Primary and Secondary School Systems, Timber Operations, Townships, and Universities.



EnergyPMG’s growth over the last decade has come from word-of-mouth referrals and additional global properties of current customers.  If you have been referred to EnergyPMG please make contact by email or phone call to discuss your needs.

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