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Case Study Results

Large global Bank - 62% savings on their electricity spend with energy sourcing

East coast Port Operations company  - 12% savings with a customized energy sourcing program


Indoor Cannabus grower - 16% savings for sourcing energy plus special LED lighting for plant growth, and on-site generation for resiliency and peak shaving

NY Hospital - 14% savings with energy sourcing

OH Aerospace manufacturer 22% sourcing savings purchasing wholesale energy

NY Utility Industry manufacturer  - Large Remote Net Metered Solar, and special contract for supply of low cost grid power


TX Food manufacturer  - 14% savings with optimization of operations


Large multi-building residential housing complex - 9% savings on electricity sourcing

IL Chemical Company - 7% savings with sourcing

CA Chemical Company - 22% savings with special contract using weather derivatives


OH Township  - 16% savings with Generator and peak shaving 

UK, France, Germany, Nordics, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Singapore - Energy Sourcing for manufacturing, and commercial buildings - Savings 7% average

India - Solar installations 4% savings



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