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Reducing Carbon, Cost & Remediation of Toxins

Strategy and solutions including...


Remediation of Toxins from Water, Soil, and Sludge.


EnergyPMG offers its customers a system which will remove PFAS, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other emerging toxic contaminants.


Energy Operational Efficiency for Manufacturing


EnergyPMG offers its customers a proven system that improves energy efficiency with no capital investment using a comprehensive Energy Management Solution comprised of a detailed engineering opportunity analysis, advanced

 sensors, metering and software that not only monitors equipment but also provides alerts and reports that let you manage your energy use... giving actionable information leveraging established benchmarks in energy efficiency. This continuous control and improvement system is saving billions of dollars for major companies including BP, Citco, Purina, US Steel, Smuckers, US Steel, and Valero.



LED lighting and lighting controls, when implemented by EnergyPMG, have very compelling economics and can be achieved with no capital investment and positive cash flow.


 Using a patented process designed for each application, we offer the lowest cost and least disruptive solution available for the removal of PFOS from Soil, Water, Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge, Firefighting Foam, Heavy Metals, other Petrochemicals

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