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Professional Energy and Environmental Consulting Firm since 2009
Sustainability, Cost Management, Remediation, and Resiliency
All non-residential consumers of electricity, including offices, retail, manufacturers, data centers, hospitals, warehouses, etc. 

 Unmatched experience and personal attention
No Cost No Obligation Review and Savings Analysis 
Plus Energy-101 at for your Team at no cost

In the majority of engagements you will not be asked to sign a contract with us
nor will you ever pay us for our services.

We earn your business every day

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No Obligation Opportunity Analysis

EnergyPMG's experts will provide an opportunity analysis for you with no obligation, no cost, and a minimal investment of your time.  Following an introductory phone call, and minimal data collection, EnergyPMG's experts will analyze your electricity, natural gas, and fuel bills, for opportunities to reduce your energy cost, reduce price, improve energy efficiency, resiliency, reliability, and sustainability.  EnergyPMG will present an assessment of all opportunities.  ...

Electricity, Natural Gas,

and Fuel Sourcing

EnergyPMG's experts have conducted 100's of thousands of price negotiations for electricity, natural gas, and fuels for over 30 years. Some of the most innovative special contracts have been negotiated by our experts with outcomes second to none in the industry.  

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Demand Response

EnergyPMG are experts in providing low cost to no cost solutions for extracting value from the electricity grid to generate cost offsetting revenue for its customers.  With fully integrated monitoring and control services, EnergyPMG can provide many of its customers back-up supply in the form of generation, or energy storage and dispatch those assets remotely to extract significant value.  Moreover EnergyPMG's customers get a live dashboard to track savings and the operations of the assets.

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Energy Efficiency

Carbon and Cost Reduction

solutions include 


Optimization of Manufacturing Energy

EnergyPMG offers its larger manufacturing

customers a proven system that improves energy efficiency with no capital investment using a comprehensive Energy Management Solution comprised of a detailed engineering 

opportunity analysis, advanced sensors, metering and software that not only monitors equipment but also provides alerts and reports that let you manage your energy use... giving actionable information leveraging established benchmarks in energy efficiency. This continuous control and improvement system is saving billions of dollars for major companies including BP, Citco, Purina, US Steel, Smuckers, US Steel, and Valero.

LED Lighting Systems, and HVAC

EnergyPMG offers all commercial and Industrial customers state of the art turnkey solutions for Lighting and HVAC.  These two costs comprise up to 70% of a commercial building's energy use. 

Renewable Energy 
EnergyPMG works with customers to navigate through the broad range of solutions and technologies to help you meet your sustainability goals.  We can help you evaluate your sustainability strategy, and evaluate opportunities including Solar systems, Wind PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements, and in some cases, Waste to energy systems.  
EnergyPMG has installed solar at a dozen sites, and our experts have been involved in the development of dozens more plus multiple large scale solar PPA's.


Executive Team

  • Richard J. Tutela, CEO - 40 Years experience - Joined Energy Price Management Group (EnergyPMG) in 2020 after retiring as Executive Director of General Electric Company's Energy and Utilities Group. A position he held for 20 years responsible for energy costs worldwide for all GE businesses.

  • Ricardo Aquirre, Esquire - VP Government Affairs - 25 years experience - government and legal affairs

  • Gary Blond, VP Customer Service - 25 years experience, former head of sourcing for GE's Global Research Business

  • Sandra Blond, VP Market Analytics - 20 years experience, former GE Finance Leader

  • Anna Lascurain, Esquire - VP Business Development - 25 years experience

  • David Levendel, VP Europe - 7 years experience in Energy sourcing and sustainability across Europe

  • Jerry I. Levey, VP Energy Markets - 30 years experience - Expertise in energy trading, energy finance, banking, and emerging technologies


Our Customers tell us we differentiate ourselves in the following...

  • The breadth and depth of our expertise.

  • Experience from working on behalf of Customers rather than Suppliers.

  • Our passion and the time we take to educate our customers with transparency, providing no cost energy seminars.

  • Our creativity in uncovering every opportunity missed by others.

  • Investing our time to pursue the most challenging opportunities for our customers.

  • Accessibility, having experts with decades of experience available to customers 24/7.

  • No commitments.  We earn your business every day. 

EnergyPMG will support your in-house energy management team as your partner, dedicated to meeting your goals. Our goal is to make you the hero of your organization as we provide service and education based on your specific needs.

Without obligation, EnergyPMG will perform a complete analysis of your opportunities and provide a professional energy management strategy. 


Contact EnergyPMG for a no cost, no obligation analysis from the team that has saved fortune 500 companies $ Billions

Phone:   917-525-2597
Fax:   917-979-2697

Energy Price Management Group

375 Fifth Ave 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10016


399 1/2 Main Street

Dalton, MA 01226


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